Q. Can you combine items for shipment?
A. Yes we can combine items, there are limits to max size and weight and also some items will not combine well eg. headlights and an LSD centre. We will combine as much as possible while keep the package under max size and weight limits and keeping the items safe from damage.

Q. Can you order items from Import Monster?
A. Yes, Import Monster is only an agent for Yahoo! Auctions, ordering items from Yahoo! Auctions is not a problem. Please send us the link to the item, if the item is ordered through Import Monster’s system we can no longer help you with organising shipping etc.

Q. Is there anywhere else I can look for parts in Japan?
A. Yes there is Up Garage, GooParts and several other used parts dealers in Japan, if you can supply the link we can give you a quote/arrange an order for you.

Q. Can you order new items?
A. Yes, we can supply anything available in Japan, nearly all car related items at wholesale rates at what should be very competitive prices.

Q. Can you order non car related items?
A. Yes, we can supply anything available in Japan although our expertise is with cars so I may not be able to give much advice on fishing gear, jewelry, guitars etc.

Q. Can you hold items to combine with items ordered later?
A. Yes, although please consider we do charge 1000yen a week storage as we are limited on space. So getting your packages organised as quickly as possible is cheaper for you and appreciated.

 Q. Can you translate auction sites/instructions?

A. We can help with auction translations and instructions for items if ordered through us. Unfortunately we are limited on time so we can not support items ordered through another vendor/agent.

Q. Can you remove tyres to save on shipping costs?

A. Yes we can remove and dispose of tyres for 1000yen each, unfortunately we can not resell tyres so if they are in good condition or an expensive type that is your choice as to whether the tyres are removed or not.

Q. Can you remove parts from an item won? eg LSD centre from a diff casing or fog lights from a bumper?
A. Yes we can, the cost will vary depending on the item and work involved so please email for details.

Q. Do you ship to domestic addresses in Japan?
A. No. Apologies for any inconvenience but I cannot ship to domestic addresses in Japan.

Q. I received my package and the item(s) were damaged. What should I do?
A. Please send us an email to jesse@jessestreeter.com. Please include photos of the damage and any damage to the packaging. Please do not throw away the packaging until after the claim has been processed. Do not contact the seller/manufacturer directly.