Why use Streeter Corporation?

Here are some of the differences with our service as compared to other agents/add to cart sites:

1. We will actually check direct with companies/manufacturers here in Japan to ensure the item is in stock or if not in stock, the approximate lead time.  Very few other agents will do this and most will be “add to cart” sites which will take payment and just make you wait as long as it takes if items are not in stock. We are also up front letting you know if items are discontinued or not before ordering so you don’t end up disappointed after placing the order only to find it we can’t get the item any more.

2. We enter all bids manually and check over the auction before ordering.  This is very time intensive and does mean you cannot place real time bids on yahoo.  The reason we have stuck with manual bidding is we are still catching about 20-30 bad bid requests a day which usually include a set of wheels pictured but price is each,  Power FC is pictured but auction is for setting data only, items that require change over parts to be sent to the seller first and so on. With a live self bid system you are caught out and either end up with 1 wheel, setting data, cancellation fees etc.  So we do believe it is a valuable safety net that I think is worth keeping and that is why we still run the way we do.

3. There are a number of large Yahoo Auctions agents at the moment that not only do not have that safety net in place but also allow you to bid on items they can not send,  with no ability to cancel and only offer domestic shipping and charge cancellation fees on top of the item cost if you cannot organise your own shipping out of Japan. We think that is terribly poor service and would never order in an item for a customer and then give them the ultimatum of organise your own shipping or pay for item + cancellation fee.

4. We provide proper after sales support.  While new items are pretty standard for most agents/companies to provide after sales support, very few yahoo agents will be of much help if there are any issues with the item. While we are bound to the strict buyer beware nature of Yahoo Auctions, we will go to great lengths to contact Yahoo Auctions sellers and try and sort any issues / discrepancy between a used item you received and what was advertised.

* Please note that both new and used support of this nature is strictly limited to items that were ordered through us as we do not charge for after sales service.  Recently we have been getting a lot of this kind of service request from people that didn’t order through us in the first place,  unfortunately we are not able to help with support on items that were not ordered through us.

5. Full refund on any deposit if an item is not won/ordered.   While this should be pretty standard, apparently some agents will charge a service fee even if an item is not ordered/won. We do not charge any fees if the auction is not won or we were unable to order the item for you.

6. We charge the cost of shipping after the item is received and been packed and weighed up for shipping. Most other services will run on previously sent item weights with a large buffer in the shipping to ensure items are not sent at a loss. As we weigh each and every package, we can accurately bill exactly what the item costs to send keeping the shipping costs for you to an absolute minimum.

7. All items are repacked and packaging shrunk and reinforced wherever possible, which helps to lower shipping costs as well as increasing the safety of your items.  This is a standard part of our service with no extra cost.  Many other agents will charge for repacking/combine fee for each item.

* We do have a 1,000 yen repacking fee that we charge if we have gone to this trouble and extra items are ordered more than a week apart and requested to be combined and the items need to be repacked.

8. If we are able to find a better price for you after you pay for an order and before we have sent payment (this is quite common for new Yahoo items customers find that we can get cheaper direct from manufacturers) we will pass on that saving to you. While it is not the best business practice for profits, I prefer to run completely open and get the best price for the customer wherever possible.

9. We can actually send items that other agents cannot send. One of those items is coilovers. However, we can only send items such as these if they were ordered through us.

10. When we quote, we try to provide accurate quotes wherever possible. This includes the exchange rates that we give in our quotes. We always charge in JPY, but when we quote, we try to give our customers as close to accurate as we can exchange rate. For example, Paypal’s exchange rate is usually 4% lower than what you would find if you searched the current live exchange rate on Google or XE.com or Yahoo Finance etc. Other sites will quote you at the live rate, but when you go to pay, you will be charged the Paypal rate, which can lead to unexpected extra costs. We try to quote at the actual Paypal rate so you can be as informed as possible when buying through us. If you are unsure if we are cheaper or not, please compare the JPY amount with the other site, and that will give you the most accurate price comparison.