Streeter Corporation Quad Rotor FD3S RX-7 Promo Car

 Parts List

Aero & Exterior

TCP Magic G-Face wide body GT aero kit
TCP Magic G-Face carbon bonnet
TCP Magic G-Face front diffuser

C-West carbon mirrors (discontinued)

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RE Amemiya sleek headlight kit

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Front: Standard FD 4 pot calipers with Project MU HC+ pads
Rear: Project Mu 4 pot calipers 4 pistons x 4 pads


26B 4 rotor Peripheral Port
500hp @ 8000rpm

Advance Black Alternator

HKS F-Con V pro ECU


TCP Magic Carbon Meter Hood

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Defi Racer gauge
80mm Tachometer

Defi advance CR gauges
Water temperature
Oil temp
Oil pressure
Fuel pressure

Nardi 330mm punched leather steering wheel

Cusco Safety 21 roll cage

Bride Vios III FRP seats

HPI 4 point harnesses

Power Train

HKS sequential 5 speed transmission (discontinued)

Exedy carbon triple plate clutch

ATS 2 way LSD with 4.7 final gears



Rays ZE40
Diamond Dark Gunmetal (MM)

PCD: 5 x 114.3
Front: 18 x 9.5 +22
Rear: 18 x 11 +18

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