Ordering Parts

The first and most important step is to work out what you want. Japan has hundreds of aftermarket parts producers and each part for your car will have pros and cons. We will help where possible but apart from the parts on my S13 Silvia drift car I am not able to give precise technical advice on which part is suitable for your particular car. The are specialist forums with users experienced and eager to offer information on their experiences so take advantage of their knowledge.

Once you have decided the precise part you are after, email me and I will obtain a quote and ETA from one of my suppliers and send that to you. The suppliers will not send the goods without payment so you will be quoted for the part price and then invoiced for that. After payment clears the part will be ordered and will come to me ASAP, if the part needs to be manufactured or customized the wait may be some time.

For Yahoo Auction items a maximum bid must be set, I can provide an estimate of the delivered cost based on past experience which should be close but any extra costs or savings will be passed on to you. If the item is finishing soon, evidence of a bank transfer or Paypal will be accepted in lieu of a fully cleared payment.

Please see our Yahoo Auctions Buying Guide page for more information.

Once the part(s) arrive to me I will pack and weigh the part(s) so they fit within the size/weight limits of your country and the service being used.